At, we strive to provide the most convenient service for our customers. One of these conveniences is the ability to book a vehicle without any prepayment. We understand that flexibility in payment can significantly simplify the rental process for many of our clients.

How Does No Prepayment Booking Work?

You can reserve any car from our fleet without the need to make a prepayment. All payments, including the rental cost and deposit, are made at the moment of picking up the vehicle. This allows you to plan your expenses more flexibly and pay for the rental at a time that suits you best.

Payment Upon Pickup

  1. By Card or Cash: Our clients can pay for the rental and deposit either with cash or by credit/debit card. We accept all major cards, making the payment process convenient and secure.

  2. At the Vehicle Pickup: Payment is made directly at the time of signing the rental agreement and receiving the vehicle. There is no need to worry about prepayments or bank transfers in advance.

Why Do We Offer No Prepayment Booking?

We aim to make the car rental process as straightforward and accessible as possible. By providing the option to book without upfront payment, we help our clients avoid additional stress and simplify the planning of their trips. It also allows customers to feel more confident knowing they can pay for the services at the actual time of receiving the car. ensures that every aspect of our service is focused on convenience and meeting customer needs. We value your time and trust, offering terms that support your freedom and flexibility in travel.