In today's world, staying connected to the internet is increasingly important, especially during travel. offers a WiFi Hotspot service in their rental cars, allowing passengers to stay online across Georgia. This is the perfect solution for tourists and business travelers who need to stay connected to work, family, or social networks while on the move.

Continuous Connectivity's WiFi Hotspot service provides high-speed internet connection thanks to the extensive network coverage throughout Georgia. Whether traveling through mountainous serpentines or strolling through the urban streets of Tbilisi, Batumi, or Kutaisi, you can count on reliable internet access.

Benefits of WiFi Hotspot

  1. Communication: Stay in touch with friends and family at all times. Social networking, emailing, or messaging won't be interrupted.

  2. Work on the Go: For business travelers, internet access on the road is a necessity. Sending documents, accessing corporate resources, and video conferencing are all possible anywhere.

  3. Entertainment and Information: Watch movies, listen to music or podcasts, use online maps and guides to Georgia without restriction, which is particularly useful on long trips.

  4. Trip Planning: Online hotel bookings, ticket purchases, and more are always at your fingertips. Change your plans or book tours without ever leaving the car.

How to Use WiFi Hotspot?

When booking a car with, simply specify that you would like to add the WiFi Hotspot service. There is a small additional fee that more than pays for the convenience and opportunities it opens up. The device will be set up and ready to use from the moment you enter the vehicle.

WiFi Hotspot from is not just an extra service; it's your link to the world while traveling through Georgia. Enjoy the comfort and freedom that mobile internet provides, no matter where you are in the country.