Georgia is a mountainous country where winter months often bring snow and ice, particularly on popular tourist routes. This makes road travel challenging and sometimes hazardous. In response, offers clients an additional option — renting snow chains.

Why is it Important to Rent Snow Chains in Georgia During Winter?

  1. Safety in the Mountains: In winter, the weather in the Georgian mountains can change abruptly. Having snow chains helps provide better traction on snowy and icy roads, significantly increasing safety.

  2. Unpredictable Road Conditions: In Georgia, roads are not always promptly or effectively cleared of snow and ice as they might be in other countries. This can pose difficulties for drivers unaccustomed to such conditions.

  3. Police Regulations: During the winter, on certain road sections, the police may block traffic and only allow vehicles equipped with snow chains to pass. This is done to ensure the safety of all road users.

Advantages of Renting Snow Chains from

All vehicles are equipped with winter tires during the winter season, which already enhances handling and safety. However, having snow chains provides an additional level of protection and confidence when driving on snow-covered or icy roads.

Renting snow chains involves a small additional fee, but it is an investment in your safety and comfort while traveling. Additionally, the process of fitting the chains is simple and quick, allowing you to swiftly adapt to changing road conditions.

How to Rent Snow Chains?

When booking a car with, indicate your desire to rent snow chains. Our specialists will provide you with all necessary instructions for their use.

Take advantage of’s snow chain rental service to ensure your winter journey through Georgia is as safe and comfortable as possible, regardless of the weather conditions.