Planning a long journey or a family vacation with a lot of luggage requires ensuring enough space for all your belongings. offers a roof box rental, THULE FORCE XT XL, which is the perfect solution for increasing the carrying capacity of your vehicle.


Features of the THULE FORCE XT XL Roof Box

The THULE FORCE XT XL is renowned for its quality, reliability, and ease of use. It is suitable for transporting various types of cargo, from skis and snowboards to suitcases and camping equipment. Here are the main characteristics of the roof box:

  • Dimensions: 210 cm (length) x 86 cm (width) x 44 cm (height).
  • Volume: 500 liters.
  • Maximum load: up to 75 kg.
  • Mounting system: PowerClick, which ensures quick and easy installation.
  • Access: DualSide, allowing the box to be opened from both sides for convenient loading and unloading.

Advantages of Renting a Roof Box

  1. Additional Space: The roof box significantly increases the amount of free space in the vehicle, making it easier to comfortably accommodate passengers and transport all necessary items.

  2. Versatility: Thanks to its large volume and sturdy construction, the roof box is suitable for transporting a wide range of loads, making it indispensable for active recreation and sports events.

  3. Security: THULE FORCE XT XL is equipped with modern security systems, including a lock to protect your cargo from theft.

How to Rent a Roof Box?

Select the option to rent the THULE FORCE XT XL roof box when booking a car through Our specialists will assist you with the installation of the roof box and provide all necessary information for its use.

Renting a THULE FORCE XT XL roof box from is a simple and effective way to make your journey in Georgia even more enjoyable and comfortable, allowing you to bring everything you need without being limited by the trunk space of your vehicle.