Traveling through the scenic roads of Georgia can become even more enjoyable and convenient when you opt for the "Additional Driver" option from This service allows you to add one or more drivers to your car rental agreement in Georgia, making it an excellent solution for group trips or long journeys.

Why Choose the "Additional Driver" Option?

  1. Sharing the Driving: Long trips can be tiring, especially when only one person is behind the wheel. The "Additional Driver" option allows you to switch drivers without violating the rental agreement, making the journey safer and more comfortable.

  2. Flexibility in Travel: Having multiple drivers gives you more freedom in planning your route. You can alternate drivers, allowing everyone to enjoy the views and rest, which is particularly beneficial in the mountainous terrain of Georgia.

  3. Legal Protection: All drivers included in the contract are covered by insurance. This means that in the event of an accident or other road incidents, all participants behind the wheel will be entitled to insurance coverage.

  4. Cost Efficiency: Splitting the cost of car rental in Georgia among several drivers makes the trip more budget-friendly for each participant.

How to Use This Option?

Adding an additional driver to your car rental contract in Georgia with is very simple. Indicate the need for an additional driver when booking a car on our website or discuss this option directly when picking up the car. You will need to provide valid driver's licenses for each additional driver and pay a small additional fee for each.

By choosing the "Additional Driver" option at Citty.rerent, you're not just renting a car, but obtaining a comprehensive solution for a comfortable and safe journey across Georgia. Enjoy your trip with complete confidence, knowing that any of your companions can legally and safely take over the driving at any moment!